Sunday, June 27, 2010

For A Late June Sunday With Gray Sky

So presuming you don't have four kids and lots to do on a lazy gray late June Sunday, you might consider trying out some of these poetry podcasts I've found lately; one site being the Poetry Foundation site (also available for free from itunes) and specifically for me I found one of Paul Muldoon reading his poems and talking about them. Then from PennSound (also available at itunes for free), an amazing find, John Ashbery actually explicating his poems.

And well, should you have four kids 5 and under like we do, then you have a whole different order of fun in store for your Sunday.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Forgotten Resources

For some reason I never seem to remember to visit the Internet Archive more often. It truly is one of the most completely wild collections of everything you can imagine. I mean, where else could one find the audio of a class by Allen Ginsberg on Ezra Pound, discussing Pound's approximation of classical quantitative prosody and his use of it in the Cantos. If that is something that you want to find, or you can find various small swing bands from the 1920's, or public domain books that have been scanned. Or pretty much it seems anything, including websites that have gone the way of the steam engine. It is just one of the greatest collections of cultural items in a large variety of mediums. And it seems to be overlooked by a good portion of the population, which is fine in some respects, just like you sometimes wish to keep the discovery of a certain tranquil spot to yourself so that you don't revisit it to find a load of crap on the formerly unblemished beach