Monday, March 29, 2010

And Then There Was Sound...Available for Download

I had wanted to try and arrange, or at least latch myself onto, a reading or two when the collection was published. But life is...well life...and sometimes such things are not possible or practical, but now for the price of a couple of beers (or one, depending on where the bar is) you can download eight poems from PoetrySpeaks. And if you stay up really late to listen and turn the lights down and invite a few strangers in from the street, it will be just like a regular New York reading, especially if your living room is tiny and overheated. But better than a New York reading is the fact that on PoetrySpeaks you can check out loads of different poems, from classics of English and American verse to spoken word or slam poetry and lots in between. And while it is definitely a-for-profit site, of which there is nothing wrong (I know the shock of poets trying to make money is quite severe), there are several sites such as the Internet Archive and PennSound where you can freely access great literature, often in the original poets voice. But you know, just because it is free, doesn't mean they couldn't use a tax-deductible donation.

For April (in honor of poetry month), if I figure out how to do it, I'll be posting a few bonus poems to listen to here. I'm not sure they'll be downloadable but hopefully they'll be listenable...

Friday, March 26, 2010

While waiting for recorded poems to appear...

So three weeks ago I recorded and sent eight poems from Seasons Smooth & Unperplext for inclusion on the poetryspeaks website. But if you happen to visit you'll notice that they aren't there yet. Hopefully they will be soon. But in the meantime I was thinking lots about reading poetry, or more specifically reading it aloud, and realized that when I do read poetry, even silently, I find that I am reading aloud in my mind, that is reading it differently than normal reading, with a projected voice of the mind lifting the words beyond just optically scanned text to an annunciated reading. It may be that it is just my way of reading poems but I think it speaks to an inherent trait of the art, a part of its history, it's evolution, and I think a visit to listen to the poems recorded at poetryspeaks or at the great treasury of recorded literature at pennsound will demonstrate that history, especially when you hear some of the almost incantatory readings of the modernists. You can almost picture the campfire or amphitheater with a crowd of close pressed listeners.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Another not from the book poem

YES. I was planning on writing more the last few days, but things get crazy here fast and before you notice, it's 10:30 and you still haven't had dinner because you accidently fell asleep making sure the 18 month old boy got back to sleep after his ear infection kept him awake the entire night before and the person who usually does make sure to wake you or check to see if you've fallen asleep has fallen asleep herself on the sofa after having soothed a crying child soooo...I guess you can see the pattern. Still mailing out copies of the collection to reviewers, and hopefully in the next few days (most likely next week) should have a few poems on But I'll let you now about that once it happens. For now, one of the series I've been working lately...enjoy.

{Poem Temporarily removed}

Saturday, March 6, 2010

So I guess this is the new pattern...

Had been intending to pay more attention to this website but well...So here is a new poem not found in the book, but if you enjoy it, you would definitely enjoy the work in the book... In other news, despite the best intentions, I can't seem to get it together enough to try and get a reading going or to find one to latch onto, so instead, I have signed up to participate on the poetry speaks website and will actually be recording the poems tonight. In my basement. Alone. Which will certainly capture the live feel of any bar or coffee shop which might have hosted a reading. I'll certainly let anyone who is interested know (and probably a few who could care less) once the recorded poems are live on Poetry

For now enjoy my new poem:

{poem temporarily removed}