Friday, January 29, 2010

And Then It Was...Published

"With a bang, not a whimper..." or so old Uncle Ez said, but some how, not quite, the book proof that was delayed, I guess, became the first copy off the press, and now the book is there for the taking, or actually purchase here, where of course you'll also find some kind words of recommendation.

So what to do now: if anyone has a reading that could use another voice let me know, or of course a recommendation or suggestion of a reviewer, or even better an in with a buyer for bookstores. I can use all the help anyone might want to offer. The good folks at BlazeVox have great taste (obviously) but not much (meaning none) of a marketing department so I need to get my shoulder to the boulder if I want this rock to roll (yes, it is a lazy rhyme and image and metephor, but it's late and I'm looking to target the widest audience).

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Proof Is In The Mail

So I have never made a secret of my contempt for the US postal dysfunction and they seem to be getting their revenge now since the book proof is two weeks in transit via post (apparently via horse or foot).

In honor of this lovely wait, I thought it appropriate to post a link to the Robert Herrick poem from which I paraphrased or borrowed or reordered (as you like it) to come to the title for the book as indeed this waiting is a bad season.