Friday, March 26, 2010

While waiting for recorded poems to appear...

So three weeks ago I recorded and sent eight poems from Seasons Smooth & Unperplext for inclusion on the poetryspeaks website. But if you happen to visit you'll notice that they aren't there yet. Hopefully they will be soon. But in the meantime I was thinking lots about reading poetry, or more specifically reading it aloud, and realized that when I do read poetry, even silently, I find that I am reading aloud in my mind, that is reading it differently than normal reading, with a projected voice of the mind lifting the words beyond just optically scanned text to an annunciated reading. It may be that it is just my way of reading poems but I think it speaks to an inherent trait of the art, a part of its history, it's evolution, and I think a visit to listen to the poems recorded at poetryspeaks or at the great treasury of recorded literature at pennsound will demonstrate that history, especially when you hear some of the almost incantatory readings of the modernists. You can almost picture the campfire or amphitheater with a crowd of close pressed listeners.

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