Wednesday, November 18, 2009

some (very kind) prepublication comments

So here are the blurbs that will grace the back cover. These comments leave a bit of a rosy hue on the cheeks. I appreciate all the time and effort put forth to read the collection and compose these too kind words.

The great renovating ambition and accomplishment of Henry R. Williams seasons smooth & unperplext is to forge out of lyric fragment, narrative shard an enduring mosaic of our times. Encompassing ancient myths, Cold War paranoias, 9/11 aftershocks, his poems seek how the world is ordered and find in excavation of image, archaeology of language wide-ranging inventories of diction and reference how with old/molds to press there/new metals or/smash the frames. His percussive, ideogrammatic poems redolent of Berryman, Bunting, Hopkins, Crane, Olson and Pound fuse under the sign of the imaginations polar rose the disparate into the new and strange. -- L. S. Asekoff

An astonishing collection, crafted with exquisite sensual intelligence. Williams gives us fascinating blends of intimation and earthiness, meditation and historical anecdote, with a quiet leprechaun’s humor woven throughout. English has found a new, true master; every line in this beautiful work resonates with insight and invention. --Lawrence Krauser, author of Lemon

It is exciting to be among the first readers of a poet with Henry Williams's unique combination of gifts: intelligence, passion, originality, inventiveness, and wit. --William Harmon

Henry Williams's poems are worlds which we must encounter and navigate. They are worlds apocalyptic and edenic, measured and ecstatic. We are 'seedy travelers' on a motorcycle of his invention. Williams's post-9/11 vision of the world goes beyond the usual cant. Indeed, this is poetry illuminated.--Jack Shuler, Assistant Professor of English at Denison University and author of Calling out Liberty: The Stono Slave Rebellion and the Universal Struggle for Human Rights

Henry Williams's poems are brilliantly polished surfaces, beneath which we're privy to the exuberant volatility of his language, itself barely fixed, all of it still vibrating from its passage through the event horizon of its own becoming. In this way Williams reminds us of nothing less than the sheer force of our existence.

— Christopher Grimes, author of Public Works: Short Fictions and a Novella

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

we have cover

and here it is:

Thanks to Kio Stark for the photograph,
Geoffrey Gatza for designing it and
Kiersten Carlson of for design insights and guidance.